11. Interaction With Current Organizations

11.1.  Will the Trust and management company be compatible with the HR efforts of incorporating MP into Greater Kruger Conservation area?

From our understanding, they will far exceed anything that HR is trying to achieve. It is the opinion of many owners that HR is acting outside their mandate. We do not have any professionally educated or trained persons managing our ecology in Marloth Park. Through the Trust & PBC, we will have access to the best of the best in South Africa and be able to leverage their influence and knowledge to achieve the best for Marloth Park.

The Honorary Rangers started during the time of the Transitional Local Authority of Marloth Park, they fell under a Nature Conservation Committee with the objectives to promote an awareness of Nature Conservation and the environment in Marloth Park through education and other activities.

We are not aware their authority or mandate has been changed since being absorbed into the greater Nkomazi Municipality. So, at best the HR are the education arm of the Municipality in Marloth Park.

In addition, there is an Order of The Court that led to the interdict that was in place in Marloth against NKLM by MPRA being dropped. Which had the following terms

    1. The parties agree that any intervention in the Fauna and Flora of Marloth Park and Lionspruit (“Marloth Park”) only be undertaken in terms of an agreement between NKLM and Rate Payers Association of Marloth Park after consultation and in terms of advice resolved in the Marloth Park Community Forum;
    2. That an appropriate and acceptable management plan for Marloth Park be developed by an independent consultant for approval and adoption by the parties to this settlement in Marloth Park Community Forum;
    3. That all future interventions be based on principles contained in such management plan taking due cognisance of the conservancy status of Marloth Park and the rules pertaining thereto but based on the process referred to in (1) above.
    4. That all funds raised from the sale or otherwise of fauna and flora flowing from the above-mentioned process and principles be dedicated for the management of fauna and flora at Marloth Park.
    5. That a Section 21 Company be formed to facilitate and manage the principles and process referred to in clause 1.4 above.

So, as an agent of the Municipality, HR do not have the authority to progress any initiatives on behalf of Marloth Park.

That said, we believe it is in every owner of Marloth Park's interest to ensure we find a solution for all our Fauna and Flora that is aligned to the desires of the majority of Marloth Park Owners. We believe HR has a significant part to play in this process.

11.2.  What impact will forming a Trust have on any future initiatives to make MP a special conservation area or Protected Zone or whatever?

Presently, because we do not have security to the level required by KNP and MTPA and also because we are a residential area and Lionspruit is a farm, we cannot achieve these goals.

The only way we can progress to achieve these goals is if:

  1. We have one common structure managing Marloth.
  2. We have an ecological & sustainability plan that can be enforced

A Trust and wholly owned PBC is the only vehicle that provides this common objective and the PBC allows us to implement and operate the business plan and sustainability plans to achieve this.

Presently Marloth Park does not have one experienced or qualified conservation or wildlife manager. We do not have a conservation plan and we do not have a secure environment. We cannot change this in the same management structure we currently have.

11.3.  What will happen to the municipal rangers - will muni still pay them or will that come from the trust? Who will manage alien plants, in particular, Parthenium, which is being done by HR with muni? 

All these are issues to be negotiated between the Municipality and the trust when the PBC is set up under the proposed City Improvement District / Special Rateable Area.

The intention would be for the PBC to take over all “top-up” services, this would include:

  • Entrance Security
  • Ecology management of Fauna & Flora (in this instance it would make sense for the Rangers to fall within the scope of the PBC)
  • Township management
  • Management and utilisation of the resources of Marloth Park

The Municipality would be accountable for the basic services and will also be responsible for managing the collection of Rates & Levies, as this is a legal requirement under the law, as of South Africa.

11.4.  What is meant by the term “tourism industry” in 1.1.13 definition of PBC? How does this fit with the other services listed?

Presently we have about 70 Lodges and Bed & Breakfast operations. We also have in excess of 400 houses advertising rentals. This industry in Marloth is unmanaged and is a significant footprint in our environment and a drain on our resources, such as roads and power & water.

In addition, it flagrantly flouts the current Marloth Park rules. It is something that cannot be stopped, and our rules will need to be revisited to address and provide for it into the future. It needs to be managed!

Tourism (together with NKLM & MTPA) has set up its own group to manage its development in MP, part of their strategy is to determine how to manage all owners in the ongoing development of MP. Positive aspects of this are improvement in access security, but negative aspects may mean restriction of use by most users in favour of tourist.