13. Trust Specific Questions

13.1.  How does the Trust come into being and impact all owners in Marloth Park?

We are using the services of a legal team to discuss requirements with the Master of the Court to see how we can best lodge the trust deed. This will require as a minimum, proof that we have made every effort we can to:

  • contact all owners of property in Marloth Park,
  • advertised in a manner that will be seen by owners.

However, because Marloth is not a conventional town and over 95% of the owners live outside its boundaries – expecting the kind of response one would conventionally archive when all residents live within the boundaries is not rational. In this instance, we anticipate less demanding requirements – our first survey (in November 2017) has indicated a significant support of this form of management for Marloth Park.

13.2.  What is the proposed timeframe?

Marloth Park’s management is unsustainable. Without a sustainability plan and with the current “no game off-take” strategy our ecology is unsustainable. The state vet and other ecological management services are threatening to remove our game if we do not have a management system that is enforceable. The continual bickering between the 13 (14 including POMP) groups has made Marloth ungovernable.

The sooner we move forward with this (in our opinion) the better. We will be making all efforts to advertise and canvas over the next few weeks.