Marloth Park Property Owners Association (MPPOA)


Marloth Park Property Owners Association grew out of the Marloth Park Community Forum. The MP Comunity Forum was an entity formed in about May 1996 to try to get a community entity in place and develop a plan for the future governance of Marloth Park. In order to have  formal owners representation The Marloth Park Property Owners Association (MPPOA) was formed in 1997.

The Marloth Park Property Owners Association (MPPOA) is a voluntary property owners' association that asserts to provide owners of property in Marloth Park a voice in the corridors of power-the Nkomazi Local Municipality, the Ehlanzeni District Municipality and the Mpumalanga Provincial Government, and make them accountable.

Its mission is to represent the common interests of its members.

  • create a crime-free conservation area
  • maintaining a regulated, orderly and peaceful and eco-environment
  • Improved service delivery from the Municipality;
  • Monitoring and enforcement of the title deed and town planning provisions (including building code enforcement), by - laws, general laws, and environmental management and conservation;
  • Gate management, waste management, security and ultimately the achievement of a gated community with its own controls.
  • increase property values

MPPOA is a non - profit organisation. It is governed by a committee that is elected by its members at an annual general meeting (AGM).

As at Nov 2019 it seems MPPOA has a paid-up membership of less that 150 owners.

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