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Marlothii Conservancy

In Marloth Park we have a Conservancy – the “Marlothii Conservancy”. Our Conservancy is an urban conservancy.  It is a Non-Profit Organisation whose aim is to protect Marloth Park and its environment. Although its aims relate to the Marloth Park Township, the town of Marloth Park is not a Conservancy.

An Urban Conservancy is a non-profit organization leading and collaborating to strengthen an urban environment and local economy through equitable practices, policies and programs often to develop green corridors, counter pollution and other environmental challenges.

The Marlothii Conservancy aims to generate interest and active participation by registered landowners, accredited residents and the business community in the conservation of indigenous and endemic fauna and flora and the protection of the environment in the area based on scientific principles of nature conservation and sustainable utilization of the area's natural resources.

The Marlothii Conservancy is registered with the Mpumalanga Parks Board as an Urban Conservancy and was the first in Mpumalanga to do so.  

The Conservancy exists in partnership with the Marloth Park Honorary Rangers and the Marloth Park Property Owners Association.

A brief history of the Marlothii Conservancy

In 2005, it was decided to establish the “Marlothii Conservancy”. The plan was to create a strong independent non-political organisation that would working together with the Honorary Rangers to achieve a wisely managed long-term sustainability for Marloth Park.

When the Honorary rangers were formed in the mid 1990’s, they fell under a Nature Conservation Committee of the Transitional Local Authority (consisting of 3 councillors and Mr J. van der Walt, Chief Conservation Officer). The objects of the HR being “to promote an awareness of Nature Conservation and the environment in Marloth Park through education and other activities”.

The Marlothii Conservancy was founded by a few Honorary rangers who feared that their interests in furthering these objectives as Honorary Rangers could be curtailed or done away with at a stroke of the pen, and any funds obtained could be used for purposes other than Conservation in Marloth Park.

In 2005 the Marlothii Conservancy was registered with the Mpumalanga Parks Board as an Urban Conservancy and was the first in Mpumalanga to do so and in 2016 is was listed with the National Association of Conservancies/Stewardships of South Africa.

The Conservancy works together with the Honorary Rangers who are now a municipal entity and are required to report in to the NKLM municipality who appoints the Honorary Rangers and is responsible for the management of their actions.


There is no way that local, provincial or the national authorities can manage the total environment on the taxes of the country. People in the different communities have the responsibility towards their own environment and they must act accordingly – this is especially important for Marloth Park.

The establishment of conservancies gives the ordinary member of a community the opportunity to get involved in the conservation and the management of the local environment. The people that get involved are usually concerned people that are serious about the environment. It is also the people that are usually involved in other community actions.

Creation of a Conservancy does not imply that every resident or stakeholder of the area need become a member of the Conservancy or commit to the Constitution of the Conservancy. Also by creation of a conservancy it does not mean every one need be involved in the day to day operations – everyone con contribute even if it is just by contributing financially and in spirit.

Conservancies create and engage in local conservation projects, social activities and education, and participate in the local economy aimed at the wellbeing of communities and their economic upliftment and usually work in 5 components of conservation;

  1. ecosystems (especially fresh water),
  2. habitats,
  3. species protection,
  4. waste/pollution, and
  5. community development.

This is Conservation in its truest and simplest form; the preservation and wise use of our natural capital within a beneficial economic framework.

As Owners how can we support our conservancy

A conservancy is regarded as the “first tier” in conservation. In time, more formal conservation may be appropriate that may require stricter rules, functional management plans and formal agreements.

Registration of a conservancy does not require a change in land use. There are also more general activities which many conservancies share as practical ways to make to protect the environment. These include:

  • Invasive alien pant control
  • Education and awareness programs
  • Waste recycling drives
  • Identification, monitoring and protection of rare and endangered species
  • Mitigation of pollution
  • Erosion control

In Marloth Park our Conservancy is a group of “committed individuals”, an organisation committed to an area but it is  not the physical area. The areas designated for conservation practice is the “Marloth Park Holiday Township” and projects the Marlothii Conservancy may decide to address from time to time within and around this area.

Many of our permanent residents commit many hours of work effort to ensure Marloth Park is the special place it is. At least 90% of us owners live outside Marloth Park and enjoy the efforts of these few.

Some of us owners, or stakeholders may not necessarily be interested or committed to the ideals and programs of the local Conservancy. In such cases the non-adherent parties are still bound by the environmental laws of the municipality, province or national legislation.

What would be awesome is for all us owners, "resident" and “away owners” put our hands in our pockets and committed to assisting our conservancy to achieve its goals.

Member ship of our conservancy is not expensive – a mere R80.00 per year.

As members of the conservancy we could ensure we have input and say in how our environment is managed.

If all the owners were to contribute these funds could and would go a very long way to helping our town in the bush.

In the documents below please find a membership application form. Fill it in now, make your payment and join the programme!!!!!

"…We embrace all measures that support the conservation, preservation and protection of indigenous flora and fauna in Marloth Park.


 Marloth Park Conservancy